Guenevere Rae

Maiden Voyage of a Lifetime: 0 to 60 in 10 Months

Guenevere Rae has been a boater as long as she can remember while growing up in Fort Pierce, Florida, mainly through fishing and diving on family powerboats. Her sailing ventures started in Tampa while she participated in live-aboard American Sailing Association training courses through bareboat charter with her father, who had a life dream to “sail around the world”. After a 10-year break from sailing, she picked it back up in New Orleans in 2018 after her father passed away from cancer. For the past five years, she has regularly raced in local regattas, sailing in both Performance Handicap Rating Factor (PHRF) and one design races for J-80 and J-22 fleets. She bought a Cal 29 in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic and learned how to upgrade the electrical system, perform fiberglass repairs, perform a bottom job, keel reinforcement, replace the rigging, replace thru hulls amongst other regular boat maintenance operations. She is a member of New Orleans Yacht Club, Corinthian Sailing Association and Lake Pontchartrain Women’s Sailing Association. Last summer, she outfitted her Cal 29 and sailed it double-handed to the Florida Keys from New Orleans then sailed it solo on her way back home. Her professional position is serving as the Assistant Dean of Basic Science Education at Tulane School of Medicine.

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