Doris Colgate

NWSA founder

Doris Colgate, is President and CEO of Offshore Sailing School. Doris has served on the BoatUS National Advisory Council as well as the board of directors and marketing committee of Sail America, the sailing industry association. Within the schools’ offerings, Doris created innovative women’s educational courses and cruises. In 1990, she founded the National Women’s Sailing Association (NWSA) to create more sailing opportunities for women and educational offerings for women to build confidence and skills. Doris also helped NWSA launch AdventureSail in 1991, a sailing-mentoring program for at-risk girls. In 1997, she established the Women’s Sailing Foundation (WSF), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of women and girls through education and access to the sport of sailing. She is the author of SAILING: A Woman’s Guide (International Marine/McGraw Hill) and a new book. Colgate received the Betty Cook Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award from Boating magazine and International Women in Boating for her work in the marine industry. In 1996 she shared with Steve Colgate, Sail Magazine Industry Award for Leadership. In 2003, US SAILING, the national governing body of sailing in the U.S., awarded Steve and Doris the Timothea Larr Trophy for their leadership and excellence in sailing education. In 2004 Doris was awarded the Leadership in Women's Sailing Award.

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